William Ernest Henley: Margarite Sorori

A late lark twitters from the quiet skies: 
And from the west, 
Where the sun, his day's work ended, 
Lingers as in content, 
There falls on the old, gray city         5
An influence luminous and serene, 
A shining peace. 
The smoke ascends 
In a rosy-and-golden haze. The spires 
Shine and are changed. In the valley  10
Shadows rise. The lark sings on. The sun, 
Closing his benediction, 
Sinks, and the darkening air 
Thrills with a sense of the triumphing night— 
Night with her train of stars  15
And her great gift of sleep. 
So be my passing! 
My task accomplish'd and the long day done, 
My wages taken, and in my heart 
Some late lark singing,  20
Let me be gather'd to the quiet west, 
The sundown splendid and serene, 

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